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Fallout 4 official mod support was 50 times more popular on Xbox One than PC

Fallout 4 console players have taken to mods like bloatflies to a brahmin corpse. Bethesda Game Studios revealed in a tweet that mod support, which went live for all Xbox One players on Tuesday, has already proven very popular.

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Fifty times more traffic is quite a lot, but I wouldn't chalk this up entirely to console players' thirst for mods. PC players have happily downloaded and installed mods from external sites ever since Fallout 4 launched, so they probably didn't pick up on Bethesda's official solution quite so fast.

We've already seen the most popular Xbox One mods providing more firearms, unlimited crafting supplies, and select anatomical enhancements. We'll find out whether Sony's players are into the same kind of stuff when Bethesda enables mod support on PS4 later this month.

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Mod image via Vanilla Companions as Presets

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