Fallout 4 gets a Minecraft mash up pack. Great, *another* settlement needs our help

Oh God, no one tell Preston Garvey but Minecraft is adding a Fallout 4 mash up pack to consoles "soon". The details mention "the coming days" so you probably won't be waiting too long for the, wait for it, ablockalypse

The new pack will bring with it 44 character skins "based on beloved characters from the series" with Fawkes, Nick Valentine; Tinker Tom, Paladin Cross, Jangles The Moon Monkey and - obviously - Vault Boy all getting a name check. 

As well as the characters, the UI will have a Fallout flavoured overhaul to better match what you might see on a Pip-Boy. And there'll be a few familiar tunes in there too.

It'll cost $5.99 USD "or your local equivalent" (so likely about £5 or €6) and be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Ps Vita, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. 

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Leon Hurley
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