Fall Guys Switch and Xbox versions delayed so they can launch with crossplay

Fall Guys Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The Fall Guys Switch and Xbox versions have been delayed to give developer Mediatonic time to implement Fall Guys crossplay support, among other new features.

The studio previously intended to release both the Switch and Xbox ports of Fall Guys (which is currently available on PlayStation and PC) sometime this summer. But then it was purchased by Epic, and Mediatonic wrote in a blog post that all the new possibilities the purchase has opened up for it mean it wants to take its time to make the best of all the "tasty new features."

"While we want to launch on these platforms as quickly as possible, we believe the Switch and Xbox releases are really going to be worth waiting for and we’re super grateful for your patience," Mediatonic wrote. "This delay gives our team some time to add features like crossplay, so when we add new platforms, players will be able to stumble in harmony with their pals, regardless of their platform of choice."

While crossplay would be nice for folks who want to play together across PlayStation and PC right now, it's naturally going to be a much bigger deal once two more console families join the show - so the timing certainly makes sense there. As for what grand new features we can expect from Fall Guys now that it's part of the same family that includes Fortnite and Rocket League, Mediatonic is keeping its plans quiet for now.

One thing you won't have to wait for is Fall Guys Squads mode, which debuted last month for players who want to win together and stumble together. 

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