Fairytale: A True Story review

Eighty-odd years ago, while Blighty yearned for a diversion from the horrors of the Great War, two young girls captured the hearts and imagination of the nation (and, indeed, the world) when they claimed to have seen and photographed fairies at the bottom of their West Yorkshire garden. The enduring tale of the Cottingley fairies is brought to life through the assured direction of Sturridge and the delightful acting of the disparate cast - most notably young Elizabeth Earl, who's a complete charmer. The against-type Keitel (perhaps he got lost on his way to Dead-Eyed Hoodlum 4) is enjoyable too, as the inquisitive Harry Houdini. This completely incongruous cameo boosts a truly magical experience - - a film to warm those cynical ventricular cockles.


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