Faces of War

Thursday 20 July 2006
We've spearheaded beach landings, busted German bunkers, shot down Nazi fighters and fought the good fight many times before, but now there's a new WWII challenge heading our way. Faces of War is a squad-level real-time strategy game for PC, and those good people at Ubisoft have just released a brill demo for you to try the action for yourself.

Faces of War puts you in command of a single squad of six soldiers, but you're supported in your missions by AI controlled allies. The demo features two levels, both with different tactical challenges. First up is a night mission to destroy a German radar post, then it's up to you to clear the besieged French city of Falaise of all German resistance.

Above: Faces of War throws you into a variety of high-action, explosive WWII missions

Within a few minutes, you'll notice something very different about Faces of War compared to many RTS titles you might have played. The entire game world is destructible, from shop fronts to jeeps to trees, offering a fantastic variety of tactical options. In Falaise you'll come up against squads of Nazi soldiers strafing you with fire from the windows of houses. The answer? Just blow the building up!