Fable isn't actually Fable 4, but an MMO set in the Fable universe, suggests new rumour

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Playground Games' Fable game will be reportedly an MMO set in Lionhead's fantasy universe, and not a direct sequel to the original trilogy. 

The rumour derives from French journalist @CronoTK on Twitter, who accurately predicted the entire Xbox Games Showcase lineup ahead of the stream yesterday, and thus has form for leaking unverified information on upcoming Xbox Series X games.  

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After Microsoft's show wrapped up, ChronoTK tweeted the above, which - when translated - states the newly revealed Xbox Series X exclusive will be "a game in the world of Fable [...] an MMO (sorry, not Fable 4)."

Microsoft itself has described Playground's Fable title as a "a completely fresh start" for the acclaimed RPG series, though neither publisher nor studio has revealed much more beyond that. 

The teaser trailer confirmed the game will be returning to Albion, and features the classic British humour that Lionhead so famously spearheaded with its original trilogy back in the Xbox 360 days.

Whatever Fable ends up being, we're unlikely to have it in our hands anytime soon, and it should go without saying that ChronoTK's statements should be taken with plenty of salt. For now, let's just enjoy the fact that Fable is back in our lives, and ready to kick off the next-generation with a bang. 

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