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Fable demake goes 8-bit 2D, fixes Molyneux's mistakes

Well it seems some of those promises are finally set to come true, via a new fan project which aims to realise them in a far more understated way. Jo Remi of indie devDpad Studiois currently working on a 2D, 8-bit demake with the intention of using the simlified presentation to squeeze in all of Molyneux's highfalutin ideas exactly as he promised. As well as fixing a few of the series' other failings.

Real-time vegetation growth (acorns!), weapon pick-ups, improved fishing mechanics, and a deeper and more involved economy system than the one in Fable II. Those are the current promises. There will also be Fable's trademark physicalevolution for the main character, only this time it'll look like this:

The game, entitled Fabelicious, is scheduled for a full reveal on the same day Fable III is released. That's October the 26th, so there's not long to wait if you want to get your Fable on in simultaneous 2D and 3D. In the meantime, more updates are promised onJo's blog. Which game will be best? Place bets now.

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