F1 2022 is reportedly ditching story mode and adding supercars

F1 2022
(Image credit: EA)

A new report claims F1 2022 is breaking from series tradition and adding supercars that you can collect and drive.

According to noted industry leaker Tom Henderson, writing for Xfire, F1 2022 is ditching the story mode introduced in F1 2021 and instead adding a new in-game hub called F1 Life, in which players will be able to buy various luxury items like watches, designer glasses, and chiefly, flashy supercars. Per the report, you'll be able to buy and race the supercars online against other players across F1 2022's 23 tracks. It's also worth noting that the supercars reportedly won't mix with the game's usual F1 cars in races.

In addition to supercars, it's said that F1 2022 will have crossplay support for the first time in the series' history, allowing players from different platforms to play together online. Better yet, they'll apparently be able to play together in the same virtual world, as Xfire reports that F1 2022 is getting VR support, something fans have been requesting for some time.

As for the removal of story mode, it sounds like the developer just didn't have the time for it, and it'll reportedly be brought back for F1 2023. According to Xfire's report, there's nothing to indicate there are any other features being dropped for this year's installment. The report specifically says the series' career mode will be in F1 2022, but all of these details remain unconfirmed. 

EA still hasn't set a firm release date for F1 2022, but in the meantime you can check out our guide to the best racing games available now.

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