EXCLUSIVE: What it’s like to be a celebrity in The Sims 3: Late Night

The Sims 3 Late Night is the biggest and most ambitious expansion for series since Ambitions. EA’s Sims team has gone vertical, replacing the suburban flatlands of the original with a city full of towering skyscrapers, packed with penthouses and chic roof top nightclubs. But at the same time, The Sims team is also going back to the roots of the series as a life simulator in Late Night, adding a ton of new ways to approach the night, including a celebrity system, three new instrument skills that combine to form a band, the mixology skill and plasma sucking creatures of the night.

GamesRadar recently got a chance to speak with Grant Rodiek, associate producer for The Sims 3 Late Night to find out more about the new celebrity system. Find out what it’s like to be rich and famous and how the new career will change how you play The Sims 3.

GR: Why did The Sims team decide to introduce celebrities in Late Night?

Rodiek: Several reasons. Celebrities make for fantastic storytelling – they are hilarious, bizarre, charming, sexy – who doesn’t want to be all of those things. Openness and humor are our trademarks so it’d be a mistake to pass up celebrities.

They also fit perfectly with our other features, like high-rise penthouse suites, high end clubs with VIP lounges, and bands!

Finally, we haven’t done anything celebrity related since The Sims Superstar and a lot has changed in Hollywood since then! Our community has been asking us to bring it back and we always strive to listen to our community.

Above: Celebrities will still have problems. Suestalkersand bribe the paparazzi to keep them off your back

GR: How do you become a celebrity? Is it a career you can select when you create a new character? Or is it something you have to become, like with vampires?

Rodiek: You can become a celebrity by befriending celebrities or impressing them by talking about your job, wealth, name dropping, or just making things up (“Uh, sure, I’m totally in a band…”). Or, you can buy a round of drinks for folks at the bar to prove you’re a big spender. Really, it’s all about experimenting out on the scene.

Celebrity is something you have to become, although the offspring of celebrities do get a boost.

GR: What are the perks to being a celebrity?

Rodiek: Celebrities are granted access to better clubs and VIP lounges. They are given discounts around town. My favorite is when drinks are on the house! They are stalked by the paparazzi and adoring fans. Plus, they are invited to hang out at exclusive parties with other celebrities. There is a lot of gameplay packed into the system!

Above: One of your adoring fans wants an autograph

GR: Are there any disadvantages to being a celebrity? Will we have to deal with stalkers or bad movie reviews? Do you have to worry about your popularity?

Rodiek: Yes, the paparazzi will stalk your Sims from time to time, which is a problem your Sims can solve if they wish. There are also scandals, which we’re quite happy about. If your celebrity Sim is caught doing something in public like, cheating on their wife for example, this could hurt their public image. To defend themselves, celebrities can pay off the paparazzi or sue their assailants…it’s great!