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EXCLUSIVE Conduit interview

The Conduit’s plot may be wrapped in Roswellian mythology and alien intrigue, but it’s no conspiracy that this summer’s most anticipated FPS is available only on the Nintendo Wii. Sega and the team at High Voltage are utilizing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in ways mostother developers seem to have abandoned, and the results thus far have impressed the hell out of us. Even the multiplayer is unlike anything we’ve seen on the console.


We decided to kidnap High Voltage Design Director, David Pellas after a round of drinks to pick his brain for more information on the upcoming Wii game people can’t stop talking about.

Above: Could a creative usernamesave your ass on the field of battle?

Seriously, you guys responded so well from this brief, candid, and potty-mouthed interview that originally appeared inTalkRadar #47, we decided to post it here for all yougentle eared fawnsthat didn’t care to wade through45 minutes of fart jokesjust to hearit. It’s one of the more honest and funny interviews you’re likely to hear, so give it a listen, wontcha?

May 19, 2009