Evil Genius 2 is coming, so prepare to unleash your inner Hank Scorpio

Rebellion has just announced that an Evil Genius 2 is finally in development. Which is important if you ever wanted to overthrow the world through dastardly schemes and sharks with laser beams (may or may not be an actual thing). 

Here's Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley announcing the sequel:

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You might not have heard of the original, but it was a Dungeon Master style management sim with a focus on a Bond-like world of espionage from the perspective of a hopeful Blofeld. 

By building various facilities and laying traps to prevent any global agencies that might want to stop you, the overall aim was to build a doomsday device and take over the world. With or without one meellion dollars. 

While the game might be forgotten to most the original was a cult classic, and both fans and Rebellion have been muttering about a sequel for years. Back in in 2013 a blog post mentioned it wanted to make a "fully-featured follow-up."

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In a new blog post the publisher clarifies the new game isn't a remaster and will instead be a "fully-fledged sequel" and not free-to-play (there was an Evil Genius Online F2P mobile game that shutdown this year). Currently, Rebellion says it's targeting a PC release initially but adds "as ever we’ll look at other platforms." 

Currently development is described as being at a "very, very early stage" with the studio basically just getting the tech up and running. In the meantime check out a really old trailer of the original game when it was an Elixir Studios/Vivendi joint (Rebellion bought the IP in 2006). 

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