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PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro: Everything you need to know about the PlayStation Meeting

Sony finally gave PS4 Pro (formerly PS4 Neo) a proper introduction to the world at its PlayStation Meeting in New York today. But it wasn't just product announcements. Here's all the can't-miss stuff from Sony's 45-minute-ish presentation.

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PS4 Neo became PS4 Pro

The higher-end console will shine on 4K TVs, but it also adds HDR support and enhanced graphical quality for HDTVs. It's coming on November 10 and will cost $399 / £349.

PS4 Slim got a price and a release date

PS4 Slim will be released on September 15 in most regions and cost $299 / £259 (if you haven't already bought one).

All PS4s will get HDR support via an update

With a free PS4 HDR update coming, all you need is an HDR-compatible display.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare got some 4K gameplay

It's coming out a week before PS4 Pro, but Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will have full support for the upgraded console when PS4 Pro arrives.

Mass Effect Andromeda's gameplay was finally revealed

Mass Effect: Andromeda's enhanced HDR color range looks like it will be a marvelous way to see alien worlds.

"Older" games like Uncharted 4 got a graphical boost

Sony says it already has plans to update a half-dozen currently released games to make use of PS4 Pro's new hardware.

His mic wasn't on

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