Even though it's not Baldur's Gate 4, Larian's next RPG "will be our best work ever" says 'excited' Baldur's Gate 3 director

Baldur's Gate 3
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Baldur's Gate 3 CEO Swen Vincke has issued a new statement about developer Larian Studio's next RPG, promising that it could be "our best work ever."

In a message via Steam, Larian reiterated that it had no plans to work on Baldur's Gate 4, and had scrapped early efforts for Baldur's Gate 3 DLC. Instead, the team is working on something new, and while we don't know much about that beyond a handful of very early messages, Vincke says that it could somehow surpass the studio's record-breaking RPG.

"I don't know if we're going to pull it off," Vincke says in a message to players, "but looking at our narrative, visual, and gameplay plans, I think what we're working on now will be our best work ever. I get excited like a kid watching the key imagery, I want to show it to everyone now and grumble in frustration at having to wait until it's all actually working. Yes, it's hype but it's hype because it really looks and feels good."

Elsewhere in the Steam message, Larian reiterates that it's working on two new projects and that while "it's still early days," it'll have more to tell us about in the future. Still, it seems as though the studio isn't moving too far away from the formula that brought it so much success last year: "the sensibilities that brought you Baldur's Gate 3 are alive and well here at the Larian castle." 

It might not be the follow-up that many of us were hoping for, but it does sound like it might be something even more exciting - something that Vincke doesn't even think this console generation is ready for.

D&D owner Hasbro is definitely keen to make a new Baldur's Gate game - and doesn't want it to take 25 years to make this time.

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