European Street Racing

Wednesday 25 July 2007
European Street Racing is a very simplistic racing game. Where Need For Speed has complex career modes and decal editing, this PC racer isn't so flashy. You buy a car, upgrade it with tuner parts and then hit the streets of one of seven real-world cities, competing against other racers online, offline or over LAN.

The game is solid enough, but currently far too basic to impress by today's standards. The graphics, handling and structure are all there, just not sophisticatedenough to be classed as contemporary. Of course,at least that means it'll likely run on a low-spec machine. Even with all the special effects switched on, it doesn't come anywhere near the quality of Project Gotham Racing... or even its Dreamcast ancestor Metropolis Street Racer, for that matter. So this is a game some eight years behind its peers.