European Pokemon Platinum's missing Game Corner explained

If, like us, you thought that maybe the Game Corner was broken in the European version of Pokemon Platinum, you may be interested to hear that it was a conscious decision to omit the playable machines in the region.

In previous versions of the gameincluding 2007's Diamond and Pearl versions of the popular collect-em-up, the player can play the slot machines to win coins and then exchange them for rare items. But in the new version, all you can do is purchase coins from the desk,or merely search the machines for abandoned coins.

Seeking clarification, we asked Nintendo – and here's what they said:

"In Pokémon Platinum Version, the slot machines in the Game Corner cannot be operated by the player, to comply with PEGI guidelines concerning gambling. Players can still get coins to exchange for items, simply by checking the slot machines or from the Game Corner counter."

Looks like we'll just have to save up ridiculous amounts of in-game money to purchase the Explosion TM by buying game coins. Still, it does kinda suck – looks like that's it for the Pokemon slot machines in Europe, unless PEGI changes its views.

09 June, 2009

Justin Towell

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