Erik & Emma share dining tips in Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto #1 first look

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Where's the best place to eat on Krakoa? Apparently, it's at the White Queen Emma Frost's place.

Marvel Comics has shared the first few pages of July 15's Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto #1, starting off with a dinner between Erik and Emma.

"Krakoa may be only for mutants, but mutants still need to deal with the human world around them," reads Marvel's synopsis of this issue. "Magneto has a plan for that."

That plan is being presented to Emma over lobster, we presume. 

Check out this preview:

The latest in Marvel's lead X-Men writer (or 'Head of X' as Marvel calls him) Jonathan Hickman's string of Giant-Size X-Men one-shots, this Magneto-centric issue is drawn by Ramon K. Perez - fresh off the recent Marvels Snapshots: Captain America.

"These Giant-Size one-shots started out as Artist Showcases — and they still are —but as they came together, a story grew between them," Marvel's X-Men group editor Jordan D. White tells Newsarama's George Marston. "Where it might at first seem like there are dive one-offs, there is actually connective tissue that will grow more apparent as we move through them… and some of the things that happen in these five one-shots will be very relevant to the larger X-story going forward. 

"Magneto is a very important man on Krakoa, and anything he does should be weighed heavily," White adds.

This issue has a primary cover by Ben Oliver (who was originally solicited to draw this issue), and two variants: one by Hickman's Secret Wars partner Esad Ribic, and the other one of Marvel's quirky "On Sale Wednesday" variants.

Look for our full interview with Marvel's X-Men group editor Jordan D. White about this one-shot (and more) later this month here at Newsarama.

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