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Eric Kripke on Supernatural Season Five

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Supernatural showrunner Eric Kripke reveals that season five is all about, “building Sam and Dean back up in a way that makes them older, sadder, wiser, and, ultimately, stronger. It’s funny, we’ve been feeling in many ways that this is the most optimistic season of Supernatural we’ve ever done. Because even though the exterior circumstances are a massive cluster f–k, internally, the boys aren’t tearing each other apart every episode. It’s more like, ‘Hey, maybe we’ll lose, but, dammit, let’s go down swinging.’”

The first episode of season five aired in the US on Thursday, with respectable (for the CW network) ratings of 3.4 million. Sadly, it was eclipsed by The CW's newbie on the same night, The Vampire Diaries, which achieved 4.91 million, the highest debut for CW show ever.