Epic signs Nine Inch Nails guitarist's studio to publishing deal

Eyes Out studio
(Image credit: Eyes Out)

Epic Games is set to publish games from two new studios: Eyes Out and Spry Fox.

The Epic Games Publishing label just announced the two new signings earlier today on October 20. The former studio was only just founded earlier this year in August, as a new collaborative venture between Spec Ops: The Line creative director Cory Davis and Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck. 

As for the latter studio, Spry Fox has been in operation for considerably longer than Eyes Out. The small development studio has been focused on making smaller-scale games for PC and mobile devices over the last few years, putting out titles like Cozy Grove, Bushido Bear, Triple Town, and Road Not Taken, among others. The announcement today from Epic actually lets slip that Spry Fox's next project will be a "multiplatform nonviolent MMO."

For Eyes Out though, the studio previously said they wanted to expand the range of "cosmic horror games" when we interviewed them earlier this year. In today's announcement, Epic stated that the studio would be working on a "multiplatform single-player cosmic horror game," which has come about in part thanks to a grant from Epic earlier this year.

As for Epic Games Publishing, these two studios are just the latest in a long line of ongoing collaborations. Last year in March, Epic Games Publishing was established, immediately revealed as publishing new games from Remedy, Playdead, and Gen Design. That's one hell of a way to open your publishing label, and it'll be exciting times ahead for the Control, Inside, and The Last Guardian developers.

If you're after something else to fill the gap while we await Eyes Out's new game, head over to our guide to the best horror games for more.

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