Epic quizzes fans on Gears of War

Epic Games is asking for your feedback on Gears of War via a survey it's posted on the official Gears website.

The firm wants to know who the fans' favourite is (Cole, duh), the weapon that never left your side and the best "OMG moment" from the original cover shooter.

"Voting rocks," says the site. "Now it's time for Gearheads all across this great land of ours (you know, the Internet) to raise their Lancers high and let their voices be heard."

Although it's not mentioned (though apparently for a moment it was, according to the internet) the survey is actually intended to gather feedback for Gears of War 2, though obviously Epic's not going to say anything about that. But it's not going to be for anything else is it?

The sequel's down for release this November. Check out our budding coveragehere.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 27, 2008