Epic Games' first iPhone game will cut some fools

At an Apple event earlier today in San Francisco, Gears of War developer Epic Games dropped in to show the real purpose of the iPhone: to competitively shiv your friends wirelessly. We hear you scream from your computer, %26ldquo;By what method will I shiv them?! Please tell me!%26rdquo; Well, get a load of Project Sword, powered by the Unreal Engine itself and due out this holiday season.

Above: See? Two chummy pals shanking the hell out each other like God intended

Epic's Mike Capps and Donald Mustard presented the first and third-person action game and its ability to quickly and remotely find competitors via the iPhone's Game Center matchmaking service. After a brief period of showing the graphical prowess of the mobile game, the duo went at it in a display of developer t%26ecirc;te-%26agrave;-t%26ecirc;te. Game Center achievements were also reportedly popping up as the two were playing.

Thank God. I mean, finally, a use for that wacky iPhone, amiright?


Sep 1, 2010

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