Enter the world of Darkfall

Darkfall is in new massively multiplayer RPG in development by Aventurine who believes its online world could be the biggest one ever created.

The game takes place in the mystical world of Agon, which is a seamless online environment with numerous terrains such huge mountain ranges and hundreds of islands that are perfect for establishing secret bases.

Agon also has six capital cities one for each of the races featured in the game: Alfar of Nagast, Dwarves of Dvergheim, Humans of Mercia, Mahirim of the Tribelands, Mirdain of Mirendil, and Orks of Morak.

Gamers are encouraged to form clans partly for their own protection as there are no safety zones in Darkfall, which means characters are always under threat from the rival races.

Darkfall is currently undergoing beta testing, but Aventurine has released some screens from its internal testing.

Darkfall will be released for PC with a release date to be announced.