Enter the 48 Hour Film Project

We bet you’ve caught yourself watching a dodgy film down the local fleapit, thinking, ‘I could do so much better than this!’ Now you’ve got another chance to show you can – and without needing a huge budget or the backing of a studio, thanks to the 48 Hour Film Project.

On Friday 26th September, the challenge, which has already been a success in cities around the world, will come to London.

Teams of budding Speilbergs and Greengrasses will meet at the Curzon Soho, pick a genre from a hat and discover a line of dialogue, prop and character they must include in their short film. Then? They have 48 hours to go away and make their masterpiece.

“We want to push people’s creativity”

You must get it in by 9pm on Sunday 28th September, and then all completed films will be screened at the Renoir Cinema. A panel of film experts will offer judgement and prizes include a place at Cannes, and Avid editing software.

You can join one of the filmmaking teams and get more info over at the Project’s official site . "We want to push people's creativity to the maximum and show they can make a film in a weekend, instead of just watching one," says Paul Kutasi, the producer of the London event.

Come on people… Do Total Film proud and prove that cinema doesn’t have to be left in the hands of Brett Ratner.