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Godawful one-liners to enhance your Star Wars Battlefront experience

A few minutes ago, on a console not so far away...

Star Wars Battlefront is finally here, and it's best enjoyed with a few buddies fighting by your side. In any multiplayer shooter, communication is key, so you're going to want to grab a headset and group up for party chat whenever possible. But besides tactical planning, Battlefront voice comms presents a perfect opportunity to annoy the bejeezus out of your pals with a litany of Star Wars-centric quotes, to the point where they will seriously question why you deserve a spot on their Friends List at all.

By using these groan-worthy one-liners at specific moments, you're sure to enhance your enjoyment of the galactic FPS warfare in Battlefront, while simultaneously ruining the experience for anyone else within earshot. Really though, it's all in the name of harmless fun; your pals may loathe everything you're saying, but they've got to respect your commitment to the Star Wars universe and its many memorable quotes even as you're driving them up the wall.

"Looks like I shot first!"

Can be said whenever you blast an enemy trooper, but is especially effective when you kill-steal someone else's target at the last second. Bonus points if you're traipsing around as Han Solo.

"I find your lack of SKILL disturbing!"

Can be said whenever you slay an enemy trooper, but is especially effective when you lose the round. Bonus points if you're traipsing around as Darth Vader.

"That... is why you fail."

Say this in Yoda's voice whenever a teammate doesn't do exactly as you told them to, or gets killed as soon as they spawn in on your position.

"If you strike me down, I shall become saltier than you can possibly imagine."

This is best used whenever a lightsaber-wielding Hero character (i.e. Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader) slices you up when you're just a regular ol' trooper.

"Search your feelings, you know me to be AWESOME!"

Feel free to say this at will.

"That's no moon!"

To be shouted whenever you spot a manned turret on any map.

"Use the force, [friend's name]!"

Whisper this as though you're a beloved mentor whenever you want your friends to succeed, whether or not they're actually playing as Luke Skywalker.

"That's not true. That's IMPOSSIBLE!"

Scream this whenever you lose a firefight that you think you should've won.


To be used whenever your teammates seems distracted from the current map objective.

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