Enchanted Arms has enchanted us

Ubisoft released a new video detailing some of the things we can expect from the Japanese-imported role-playing game Enchanted Arms today. Boasting over 50 hours of gameplay, over 500 characters, and over an hour of cinematic video, Enchanted Arms looks like it's fixin' to take on the 800 pound Final Fantasy gorilla. We also wrangled six new screens featuring all the fancy-lad, latex costumes you can handle, so be sure to smack your left mouse button over the Images tab above.

Wait... 500 characters? We at GamesRadar love math, and we've calculated that you get about ten characters per hour of gameplay... how does that work? We'll all know for sure when the game makes its US debut on August 29, but in between then and now, we'll continue to savage Ubisoft for more details.

August 4, 2006