Eleven Classic Jack Thompson Face-palms

Face-palm #10: Jack writes an angry letter to his opponent's mother (2008)

Jack couldn’t take any legal action over GTA IV’s release, but that didn’t stop him shooting his mouth off.

Subdued and grounded in reality as ever, hecalled the game“the gravest assault upon children in this country since polio”, before following up with a frankly mind-blowing e-mail addressed to the mother of Strauss Zelnick, Chairman of Take-Two. In the mail, hecomparedZelnick to the Hilter Youth, ‘explained’ how GTA had been responsible for cop killings, and rounded off by stating that “I’m sure you’re very proud”.

Yes, you read that right. When Jack couldn’t win the fight with Zelnick legitimiately, he went and told his mum on him instead.

Face-palm #11: Jack finally faces disbarment (2008)

Jack’s professional misconduct trial finally came around and the judge presiding found himguiltyon twenty-seven charges. A gargantuan twenty-five of those stemmed just from the Alabama GTA case and the Bully suit.

In her recommendations, Judge Tunis requested that he suffer a legal shoryuken often years disbarment. Jack took along a stonking great fourteen page objection statement, but tantrumed his way out of the courtroom when he wasn’t allowed to read it out loud. By doing so, he vetoed his right to plead any mitigating circumstances, thus dropping a grenade down the already deep hole he’d dug himself into. If you want to read his statement, you can find it hosted atGamePolitics. We’d recommend that you check it out. It’s utterly brilliant.