Election review

Every two years, Hong Kong's Wo Shing triads elect a new leader. That time has come once more, but the greed of modern society has eroded centuries of traditions - so when the respected Lok (Simon Yam) goes up against the ruthless, mercenary Big D (Tony Leung), honour takes a back seat to bribery, blackmail and brutality.

Director Johnny To is one of Hong Kong's most respected filmmakers and this ensemble piece contains hints of Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects, with colourfully named characters like Uncle Cocky and Big Head debating, accusing and beating seven shades of excrement out of each other.

Election's dialogue rather takes a back seat to the ruthless behaviour on show, but there is humour here, some decent plot twists and an ending that truly shocks. There's also a man eating a ceramic spoon. No, really.

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