Each level can be completed in one of a few different ways. One is to reach a specified wattage, another is to find all three hidden pink Elebits and yet another is to try to get every single creature on the level. The more you do, the more you unlock in the robust level editor. Plus, thanks to WiiConnect24, you can send completed levels to your Wii pals for their own enjoyment.

Above: Collect more Elebits and harness more power. Simple as that

There's a four-player versus mode as well, which is basically a run through of the levels with four blasters going and one person navigating. Another option is to constantly have the movement control bounce from player to player so no one gets the advantage.

Elebits looks to be a simple, diversionary bit of good fun. The premise is certainly captivating but will hurling furniture get old after a couple of hours? Better check back for our review. Until then, hit up our exclusive gameplay footage on the movies tab for more on the electrifying little buggers.

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