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Elder Scrolls Online Food Truck at E3

Are you going be at E3? So will GamesRadar! We should totally meet up by the Elder Scrolls Online Food Truck on June 12th from 11:30am to 5:30pm. It will be there serving the following tasty treats for free:

Pressed Eidarmelt (Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Jarlsberg cheese)

Choice of three specialty dipping sauces:

  • Fire Petal Dip (spicy marinara sauce)
  • Emperor’s Garden (pesto sauce)
  • Tomato-Mammoth (classic Bolognese)

Sandwiches will be accompanied with:

  • Tangy Ninroot (pickles),
  • Corkbulb Crisps (kettle chips)
  • Alocasia Fruit Juice (fruit punch drink)

E3 will also have a speciality ice-cream mocktail in two flavors:

  • Sugared Rootwine (root beer float)
  • Wintersbreath Treat (Girl Scout Cookie®)

Remember, it’s first come first served so get there early and come hungry. No prior knowledge of Elder Scrolls Online necessary!