Elder Scrolls Online ESO Plus benefits are free for a limited time

(Image credit: Bethesda)

All current Elder Scrolls Online players can enjoy the benefits of a paid subscription to ESO Plus for free until April 27. 

The subscription service usually costs $15 a month and includes a host of benefits including access to all DLC packs, unlimited storage for crafting supplies, and more. You can check out everything an ESO Plus membership includes here, but keep in mind the free trial doesn't include the monthly crown stipend and ESO Plus deals.

The ESO Plus free trial is live now and runs until Monday, April 27 at 7am PT / 10am ET / 2pm GMT.

This gives everyone with an active Elder Scrolls Online profile the ability to access the new Harrowstorm DLC, which kicks off the year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim and leads nicely into the upcoming Greymoor expansion. If you've been waiting to finally explore Skyrim in Elder Scrolls Online, now's the time to jump in.

All you need to do to snag your free trial membership to ESO Plus is log into your Elder Scrolls Online account, head to the Crown Store, open up the ESO Plus tab and hit "free trial." No need to enter your credit card info or agree to anything - your ESO Plus benefits activate right away, no questions asked.

I've been playing ESO without a Plus membership with a friend who has a subscription, so this means we can finally take on the Icereach and Unhallowed Grave dungeons from Harrowstorm. Surely this news comes welcome to anyone else looking to check out the DLC without investing in this financially (and in all other ways) uncertain period.

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