Elden Ring's song lyrics are computer-generated nonsense

Elden Ring
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An Elden Ring fan has discovered that most of the game's song lyrics are just computer-generated nonsense. 

From Software's latest is an undeniably immersive experience. You can get lost in the Lands Between for hours battling enemies, exploring dungeons or just wandering around taking in the scenery from atop your trust steed Torrent. One of the aspects that makes Elden Ring so captivating is its music which is chock-full of haunting choral melodies. Intrigued by the meaning behind these songs, one Elden Ring fan has dug a little deeper and found that although the lyrics may sound like Latin, most are actually just a meaningless load of gibberish. 

As reported by Eurogamer, Reddit user Magister Organi, a Latin student, has been studying the game's lyrics over the last few months. They started with the Song of Lament, the beautiful piece sung by the game's siren-like creatures. According to their post on the PS5 subreddit, these lyrics are actually in Latin, but they were written by a lyricist who worked on just that one song. 

Curious about Elden Ring's other songs, Magister Organi contacted the game's music producers, who confirmed that "99% of the lyrics in the game are not in any language at all and don't mean anything". Instead, the lyrics are computer generated and adjusted to resemble ancient languages.

Intrigued to learn more, Magister Organi went on to analyse the Mohg Lord of Blood track. "Sometimes the lyrics resemble Latin, but they are not in Latin," says the Reddit user. "The goal was to simulate ancient languages songs to enhance the dramatic feel of the player's experience."

This isn't the only Elden Ring revelation we've had recently. Last week, it was reported that dataminers had found a quest for Vyke, the guy on the cover art, that was seemingly cut from the game. 

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