Elden Ring's mystery classes have been revealed and they are extremely weird

Elden Ring
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We finally know all 10 Elden Ring classes, sort of, and they're every bit as weird as you'd expect from the developer that brought us such classics as the Deprived. 

The latest class teaser from the official Elden Ring Twitter detailed the Confessor and the Samurai. The Confessor is described as a "church spy adept at covert operations" and equally skilled with a blade and Faith-based incantations. The Samurai is just what it sounds like: a fighter "handy with katana and longbows" hailing from the mysterious Land of Reeds, which honestly sounds a lot cozier than The Lands Between. 

Like the recently revealed Bandit and Astrologer, the Samurai was quietly showcased in some older Elden Ring gameplay trailers, but the classes were never explicitly announced. With today's update, we have the final names of eight of Elden Ring's 10 classes, some of which have been updated since the game's network test. Those are:

  • Warrior
  • Prisoner (the bizarre 'hard mode' class of Elden Ring) 
  • Vagabond (seemingly based on the network test's Bloody Wolf)
  • Hero (formerly the Champion from the network test) 
  • Confessor
  • Samurai
  • Bandit
  • Astrologer

We've also seen the Enchanted Knight and the Prophet – the spell swordsman and the devout priest from the network test, respectively – but it's possible that these two classes have been changed slightly since the test. However, based on the small changes made to the Bloody Wolf, the essence of these two classes will likely be about the same in the full game. Based on the class makeup in FromSoftware's previous games, we'd expect the Enchanted Knight to be the spell swordsman to the Astrologer's pure magic, with the Confessor being the warrior priest to the Prophet's pure incantations. 

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