Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree brings a new map called the Land of Shadow, and Hidetaka Miyazaki says it's at least as big as Limgrave from the base RPG

Elden Ring Messmer
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Clarifying a key detail on the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has explained that Shadow of the Erdtree takes place on a new map called the Land of Shadow, which is physically distinct from the Lands Between we know and love. 

Speaking with IGN, Miyazaki confirms that "the setting of Shadow of the Erdtree is a brand new land." 

"It's a brand new map separate from the Lands Between," he says. "It is a land that is overshadowed by the particular Shadow of the Erdtree as opposed to the Erdtree in the Lands Between. And it takes place, again, on an entirely separate, physically separate map. So it will involve a warp of sorts to get there.

"In terms of setting and themes, it technically occupies the same space as the Lands Between, the same universe. But due to something story related that we won't reveal today, this has become physically disconnected, and you'll travel to the Shadow of the Erdtree land as a separate place. So this Land of Shadow itself is a place the player will visit to walk in the steps of Miquella." 

How big is the Land of Shadow? According to Miyazaki, it's "comparable" to Limgrave, Elden Ring's starter area, "if not larger." My immediate question here is whether this estimation includes the lower island attached to Limgrave, or just the main landmass itself, which stretches from Stormveil Castle down to the Mistwood. Either way, Limgrave is pretty darn big, and by extension, so is Shadow of the Erdtree. The "expansion" looks sequel-sized, and it's got the $40 price tag to match. 

Compared to vanilla Elden Ring, we can expect similarly structured exploration in the Land of Shadow, with a mix of "open field maps, with large scale legacy dungeons, and with small to medium scale legacies as well," as Miyazaki told IGN. 

How will we access this new area? As many fans have theorized, it all comes down to Miquella and Mohg. The entrance to the DLC is in Mohg's blood-soaked boss arena, specifically at the iconic cocoon in the back. You'll need to get to Mohgwyn Palace to start Shadow of the Erdtree, then. "It will involve a warp of sorts to get there," Miyazaki adds. 

The Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Collector's Edition is $250 and comes with 18 inches of Messmer.

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