Elden Ring modder streams pre-launch build with debug camera and out-of-bounds areas

Elden Ring
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An unfinished build of Elden Ring was livestreamed on Twitch earlier today.

As ever, it's Dark Souls/Bloodborne veteran Lance McDonald at the helm (he of the Bloodborne 60FPS patch fame). This time, the veteran modder and dataminer streamed a version of Elden Ring on his Twitch channel that was unfinished, from two months prior to the game launching.

McDonald's livestream focused on the early hours of Elden Ring, showcasing the debug camera mode to viewers. Through this, McDonald was able to activate the camera mode whenever he wanted, detaching the camera from the player character and taking it basically wherever he wanted.

This came with a few revelations. Namely, it turns out Spectral Steed Torrent actually does come into the starting cave where the player wakes up after being slain by the Grafted Scion, along with Melina. We've absolutely no clue how the steed managed to go down the giant lift, but considering it can double jump in mid-air, it's probably best to leave this one aside. 

Through this special camera, McDonald can change the perspective of cutscenes, moving the camera to new highs and lows. In fact, the modder actually managed to sail the camera all the way out to the western sea of Elden Ring's map, to find a bunch of shipwrecks stranded out at sea, well away from the shoreline of The Lands Between. 

It's not clear how McDonald got his hands on this pre-launch version of Elden Ring, and it's definitely going to remain that way. Two months before the game's launch would date the build from late December 2021, a fair while before Elden Ring eventually went gold in early 2022

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