El Shaddai mystery project is a social game spin-off

The makers of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron have announced a new addition to the holy action franchise, but it may be a far cry from what fans were expecting. Last month, UTV Ignition Entertainment launched a website teasing a new El Shaddai entry (read: El Shaddai website teases new project, ultimate angel). This week, the studio updated its site to reveal an El Shaddai mobile game spin-off.

In development for the GREE social gaming platform, El Shaddai Social Battle will see players forming groups of three angels and smiting their way to the top of a tower via turn-based combat. Being a social title, it will allow users to partner with other human beings in their quest, as well as face off against real world rivals throughout the journey.

Now that Ignition's secret is out, look for the studio to beef up its El Shaddai Social Battle site with even more media leading up to the game's unconfirmed release date. Then again, now that Ignition's secret is out – and hopes for an actual sequel have been dashed – are you even interested in El Shaddai's mobile ascension?

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