Eeew, new Bioshock screens

Blood, fire, violence, crazy dames stabbin' people with hooks - that's what we wanna see in our games, so today's batch of Bioshock screenshots make us smile... even if we're kind of revolted at the same time. These screens of the first-person creepfest are specificallylabeled as PC shots, but we saw the game running on Xbox 360 at E3, and we'd say they're a fair estimation of what you'll see on both systems. Just hit the Images tab above to see them all.

Bioshock's undersea world features a utopian community gone horribly wrong; now the art-deco paradise has devolved into a watery grave waiting to happen. What's with the ghostly children? Why are people crawling on the ceiling? And seriously, what's with the lady running around with the hooks? All will hopefully be revealed - slowly, painfully - when Bioshock comes out early next year.

August 29, 2006