Edge 289: How Capcom is rebuilding the world's greatest head-to-head game with Street Fighter V

Street Fighter is a gaming institution, embraced as wholly by those who dabble with the fighting genre as it is by the players who dominate it professionally. But series guardian Yoshinori Ono and his team feel there’s greater scope for making the world’s favourite fighting game even more accessible. In our latest cover feature we find out why Capcom is hitting the reset button for Street Fighter V in order to rebuild the greatest head-to-head game ever created. Issue 289 of Edge is available now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio.

Elsewhere in the issue we crown some other world-beating games in our annual Edge Awards feature, introducing some new categories in the process. In Meta Game we examine how tabletop title Android: Netrunner charted a path to become the darling of videogame designers everywhere. We head to San Francisco for Sony’s PSX extravaganza, and then Texas to find out how The National Videogame Museum is preserving gaming’s heritage. And we speak to The Stanley Parable creator William Pugh about the rise of games that refuse to play by the rules.

Our The Making Of… this month reveals how Halo and classic anime inspired 17-Bit’s Galak-Z. Studio Profile celebrates 12 years of open-world excess from Avalanche Studios. And for Time Extend, we consider how Nintendo Land both showcased the Wii U and foreshadowed its troubled future. Finally, we speak to Brian ‘Limmy’ Limond about his life in videogames.

In Hype: Rez Infinite, EVE: Valkyrie, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Far Cry Primal, Yakuza 0, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and more.

In Play: Rainbow Six Siege, Amplitude, Nuclear Throne, Dirt Rally, Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow Of New Despair, EVE: Gunjack, SteamWorld Heist, Fast Racing Neo and Guns Up.

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Edge Staff

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