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Edgar Wright's The World's End gets a Comic-Con poster

Edgar Wright's The World End , the closer to the unofficial 'Cornetto' trilogy that began with Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz , has been given a first official poster, especially for Comic-Con .

The film, which of course features Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, centres on five friends who reunite for a pub crawl, as the world, or theirs at least, hinges on armageddon.

Named after a Camden pub - and not to be confused with a Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel - it's no surprise that the poster namechecks several other drinking establishments.

Have these names been chosen at random, or could they be subtle plot hints? If so, we're a little nervous about what 'The Famous Cock' segment has in store (is it going to be like Shame all over again?)

Check out the poster below:

[ Click on the poster to see it in hi-res ]

And in other nice news, the film has also been given an official greenlight from Universal, and should begin shooting in October. We might just celebrate that news with a pint…

The World's End is expected to open at some point in 2014. We'll be following this one closely.

Matt Maytum
Matt Maytum

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