Edgar Wright left Ant-Man over script changes

Edgar Wright’s abrupt exit from Ant-Man was apparently all down to script problems.

After an unhappy Kevin Feige ordered re-writes to the screenplay written by Wright and Joe Cornish, the Shaun Of The Dead director clashed with the Marvel honcho over the proposed new direction – leaving the project last week and taking all his heads of department with him.

Wright’s polite statement at the time, that he had exited due to “differences in vision”, was underlined by Joss Whedon Tweeting a selfie holding up a (half-eaten) Cornetto in sad tribute.

It’s not the first time that Feige has had a run-in with his talent either. Whilst some (Joss Whedon, John Favreau) are happy to stay in the Marvel family, a lot more (Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnson, Terrence Howard, multiple Hulk actors…) are one-shot wonders – with Feige’s strong hand at the wheel causing many to jump ship for the sequels.

But with Ant Man still, somehow, scheduled to start shooting on July 28, the big question is how Marvel can possibly get things back on track in time without a director, a writer or any heads of department. They do still have Paul Rudd, so that’s something…

Ant-Man opens in the UK on 17 July 2015.