Echochrome hits US today

Sony's mind-melting puzzler, Echochrome, is out on the US PSN today for your brain-aching pleasure.

In case you've not been following it, Echochrome is an innovative little title which sees you rotating simple 3D environments to create paths for a little walking make to traverse.

It uses a clever optical illusion mechanic, where obstacles like holes or gaps in the path disappear when you can't see them. It hurts just trying to explain it... just download the currently-available demo.

Unfortunately for UK gamers, that might not be for another week or so, as Sony UK is yet to announce a UK date for the quirky little title.

There are two versions being released, one for PS3 on the PS Store, and one for PSP on the PC Store for PSP - each version with its own 56 levels and both costing $9.99.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 1, 2008