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EastEnders Actress Heads To Being Human

SFX blogger Narin Bahar on the latest addition to the supernatural flatshare...

Fresh from a mind-boggling cameo where Terry Wogan ended up being a conduit for the men with sticks and rope last series, the powers-that-be behind Being Human have unveiled another well known TV star to appear on the show in the upcoming third season.

Following in Michelle Ryan's footsteps by moving from the Slater family to sci-fi, EastEnders star Lacey Turner (aka Stacey Slater) will feature as a guest star in the first episode of the new series, in her first role since announcing she is leaving Albert Square.

Speaking about filming on the show - which began shooting its third season in Wales last week – she said: "It was fantastic working on Being Human , I had some great scenes with Aidan Turner, especially when his character Mitchell is facing up to some of the things he has done in the past. The cast and crew were really welcoming and I can't wait to watch how the story comes together on screen when the series airs."

As for what else we can expect from the new season, details are sparse so far. [MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD] We're told that the gang have moved permanently - or as permanently as it gets for them - to Wales to try and find some normality after the dramatic climax of the second series (far be it from us to say whether a village in Wales is the best place to find that). However, their fresh start is marred by the loss of Annie (Lenora Crichlow), who manages to contact Mitchell in a desperate cry for help. Missing his friend and anxious to help her, Mitchell is mobilised into action - which is where the other Turner and a plot a smidgen reminscent to Supernatural comes in. Mitchell must enter purgatory to try and save Annie, with the help of a mysterious character called Lia (Lacey Turner), who helps him on his way.

All very exciting stuff - and likely to leave fans eager for more before the show airs on BBC Three this autumn. If you're keen to know what else is happening behind the scenes, be sure to follow @bbcbeinghuman on Twitter to keep track of some of the great back stage videos being produced by the Blog team. Like this:

* Who else do you fancy in the way of guest stars and cameos in this season of Being Human ? (Surely someone from The Real Hustle is a shoe in?) And do you think Lacey Turner is a good thing for the show (like other genre-jumping Slater alumni Michelle Ryan in Doctor Who ) or a less good thing (Michelle Ryan in Bionic Woman )? Have your say in the comments below.

* For all the latest on-set gossip follow @bbcbeinghuman on Twitter