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EA: Sony can win the console war

Nov 30, 2007

Forget the talk about PlayStation 3 being in trouble, Xbox 360 pasting the opposition or Nintendo's Wii standing clear of the console war fracas. According to EA main man John Riccitiello, the console conflict is far from resolved, and the spoils could yet be won by any of the three offerings.

"It looked like it might have been a two-horse race," Riccitiello points out - hinting that Nintendo and Microsoft's hardware horses were the ones to watch -"but it's clearly a three-horse race" after PS3's recent increase in stock shiftage.

Riccitiello goes on to explain in his interview with Reuters news that "it's sort of fat city in the games industry". Riiight. But what this cash-flow flush does mean, says EA's bigwig, is that all consoles will see price drops next year. We say: price cuts before the January sales consumes all our hardearned, please!