EA quarantines Spore on PC

Tuesday 12 September 2006
EA has gone on record to say that life-the-universe-and-everything sim Spore is currently a PC-centric project - prompted by growing Wii-mania around creator Will Wright's earlier enthusing that the game would see a multiformat release.

"Though we're investigating the possibilities of bringing the franchise to other platforms in the future, any announcements or confirmations for Wii or any other platform would be premature," declared publisher EA.

Still, that's more of a wait-and-see than a definite no, so we recommend console-only gamers don't start selling their organs to fund a gaming PC just yet. Spore seems far too big to be contained by a single platform, after all.

Since Spore generates its own world with programming magic rather than technical grunt, multi-platform versions are quite possible