EA promises Spore before Christmas

EA has said Will Wright's Spore will definitely be out before Christmas, in the wake of analyst speculation that the game will be delayed to autumn/winter '08.

"We're very, very bullish," said EA CEO John Riccitiello about this during some financial conference call thing yesterday - but at this stage that's as much as the publisher is willing to divulge on release timings.

"We're not announcing dates for any of our titles," he added.

Last year Riccitiello gave an expected "March, April, May" 2008 launch timeframe for Spore, but explained that it won't ship until it's ready.

Earlier this week an industry analyst speculated that EA may delay the game to autumn/winter following underperformance of the publisher's shares.

As the latest game from design genius Will Wright, Spore is understandably surrounded by Godzilla-sized anticipation. Check out ourSpore coverage.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 1, 2008