EA: Europe to determine next-gen winner

EA's executive vice president Gerhard Florin sees Europe as the key battleground in the fight for next-gen supremacy.

"I believe the biggest fight will be in Europe... Whoever wins the hardware war in Europe, most likely will be the overall winner," Florin said at this week's Reuters Technology, Media and Telecoms summit in Paris.

At the summit, he spoke too of a hope for a videogame future where hardware isn't the driving factor for consumers and games.

"Everybody gets carried away with the technology. When the technology gets more usable ... then the story tellers get more to the forefront. My hope is, but I can't tell you when it will be, that we reach the peak in perfection so that the consumer doesn't see the difference in technology anymore - then it is a pure race for entertainment."

May 18, 2007