EA announces new FIFA 17 solo story mode called The Journey

EA has announced a new mode for FIFA 17 (opens in new tab) called The Journey, in which you’ll be able to play as a single player – Alex Hunter – at any of the 20 English Premier League clubs.  

The official reveal trailer shows Hunter walking down the corridors at Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground, riding on a private jet with his team mates, and breaking a lampshade in frustration (we can tell you that last scene occurs when he’s told he’s being sent out on loan, but otherwise are sworn to secrecy for another 90 minutes or so). 

That’s right – we’ll have many more details on the mode when the embargo for hands-on impressions lifts at 10pm UK time. I had an extensive play of FIFA 17, including The Journey, a little over a week ago at Stamford Bridge. 

The Journey is expected to play out in a similar manner to NBA 2K's annual narrative efforts, with an overall storyline influenced by your performances on the pitch, and decisions off it.

There's no option to play as anyone other than Hunter, and it is strictly a single-player offering.

As suggested in the blurb for the trailer, managers are in for all Premier League clubs. Again, more on that come 10pm.

FIFA 17 (opens in new tab) is released on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on 29 September.

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