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EA acquires Bioware, Pandemic

Oct 11, 2007

Much like the cash-bloated Yankees throwing unmatchable scads of money at other teams' homegrown and beloved talent, Electronic Arts announced an agreement today to acquire respected and beloved studios BioWare and Pandemic through the purchase of their parent company, VG Holding Corporation. Only EA has no fans.

The acquisition - for a dollar amount in excess of 800 million - brings into the EA fold the studios behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, the Mercenaries series, the Battlefront Series, and the wildly-anticipated space opera Mass Effect.The gaming giant predicted in a press release that "[the acquisition will give] EA a strong competitive position in key genres: action, adventure and role-playing", and, off the record, that the rebel Alliance will soon be crushed and thatthe deflector shields will be quiiiiiite operational by the time our friends arrive.