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E3 is the only place in the world that matters this week. Literally hundreds of games are going to be shown in glitzy press conferences and one sweaty Los Angeles Convention Center

Therefore, we've hammered together this one-stop shop to bring you all the sights, sounds and sensory overloads from the week-long center of the videogaming universe.

You'll find features here on this page, and more platform-specific fare on the pages following. It's going to be a hell of a week. Don't see the article you're looking for? We'll keep updating our E3 coverage every hour or so by adding links to our most up to date info and news as it's announced. Let's get started.

Press Conferences

Everything you need to know about Sony's biggest speech of the year

Animal Crossing, WiiMusic and DS GTA revealed in hardcore-shy presser

FFXIII, Gears 2, Portal: Still Alive and 360 Netflix demoed live to our game-hungry eyes

Top Stories

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Ghostbusters - hands-on
EXCLUSIVE: Played and explained through 18 film quotes

The Top 7... games we want announced at E3
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