E3 2011: Forza 4 shows GT5 how to make the most of the Top Gear license

No doubt the devs had one eye on Gran Turismo 5's squandering of the license and focused on blowing Polyphony out of the water. As nice as it is to have the Top Gear test track in GT5 it's essentially pointless without the time-trials in the Kia C'eed - a car that isn't even in the game - and who really wants to watch clips of the show via the game when it's run (in the UK anyway) on Dave almost 24/7. Or perhaps, this is just enough Top Gear in their games for most people?

Here's hoping that the Forza 4/Top Gear union adds adose characterthat even non-petrol heads will be able to appreciate.

June, 9 2011

Nathan Irvine
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