E3 2010: APB's character customization is insane

There's a lot to say about the giant multiplayer shooter APB, but what caught our eyes was the character creation - the completely insane character creation. Realtime Worlds has gone totally over the top. Here's a short (and by no means complete) rundown:

Step one, make your unique face and body with a slick customizer. Like many other games, there are countless face and body designs to be achieved by adjusting sliders. But these look really, really good:

Step two, go nuts with one of the best vector-based in-game graphics creators we've seen. You can create just about anything with this - some of the work from beta testers was absolutely insane. You can use images created here as tattoos, clothing patterns, car decals, and tags:

Step three, design your clothes. Be a ninja, a superhero, a hipster, a gangster - whatever you want!

Step four, buy a car! If you do, you can go just as nuts on it as you can with everything else:

As we mentioned, some of the beta testers' work was incredible. We saw clowns, riot police, superheroes, and just a general flood of creativity (too bad their work was lost post beta). The clans looked like clans - they had unique costumes, cars, and tags, and all this customization helped thembecome famous within the game.

Oh, and if all this isn't enough for you, the game also contains a MIDI editor. You can even design a short theme song which your opponent hears after you kill him. A couple bars ofAxel F will do nicely for us.

Jun 16, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer