E3 2006 highlights

Saturday 13 May 2006
While the sound of E3 might still be ringing in our ears, the show is over, the stands have been dismantled and the cleaners are performing the unenviable task of cleaning up the mess left by thousands of men (and a few women).

With bleary eyes and saturated synapses, we've compiled a list of our top 20 E3 2006 stories. Not only do we urge you to peruse the fine collection of our most significant show moments listed below, we should also remind you that you can sift through the entire catalogue of stories by checking out our E3 news page. Enjoy!

PlayStation 3 launch date and price revealed
Plus! Updated DualShock replaces boomerang controller

Hands-on with the new PlayStation 3 controller
Sony unveils suspiciously familiar PS3 pad - and we touched it

New Mario, Metroid and Zelda confirmed for Wii
But Nintendo remains silent on price and date for console or games

GTA IV, Halo 3 and the upcoming Live Anywhere
Microsoft reveals all at its pre-E3 press conference

First Wii movies of Mario, Metroid and Zelda
See all Nintendo's revolutionary games in motion

Halo 3 - see it now!
Watch the movie that rocked Microsoft's conference

Warhawk hands-on
We take a tilt a Sony's fly-boy

Legend of Zelda hands-on
We get up close with The Twilight Princess

Super Smash Bros Brawl revealed
See the trailer, check out the shots and meet the new brawlers...

Assassin's Creed hands-on
We join the hustle and bustle in Ubisoft's stealthy kill-'em-up

Command and Conquer'ed
We see the future of RTS action, plus there’s a secret to be revealed

Crysis hands-on
We get intimate with Crytek's staggeringly impressive alien-invasion shooter

Heavenly Sword hands-on
God of War gets sexy in this gorgeous beat-'em-up

Super Mario Galaxy hands-on
More Mario than one planet can hold

Gears of War hands-on
We slice a guy in two with a chainsaw rifle in our hands-on splatterfest

Sonic Wild Fire hands-on
Sonic returns to his roots in ultra-satisfying Wii exclusive

Crowds go wild for Wii...
...while PS3 reception is lukewarm

MotorStorm hands-on
Feels more like a breeze to us

Army of Two E3 demo blunder
Demo mess-up leaves us doubting one of E3's most impressive titles...

20GB PS3 to require wired controllers
Lower-end model also lacks HDMI, memory card slot and, erm, chrome lettering